Isla Gladstone Wedding Entertainment for Kate & Kevin’s Big Day

14th Aug 2012


Isla Gladstone Liverpool wedding pianistKate & Kevin’s big day was finally here! As soon as they booked their wedding at the Isla Gladstone wedding entertainment was next on the list. They liked to book things well in advance, these two!

I had been looking forward to performing at the venue for a long time. It was a new venue for me and I had seen some stunning images. In addition, Liverpool weddings are always full of characters so you know you re going to have a top day.

By the time the big day arrived, I had 17 weddings in my diary for August. This was one of 6 on the run and it turned out to be the hottest day of the year. Luckily, my cousin Jonno was over from Canada to roadie for me. I haven’t laughed and sung that much in one day for a while!

It was a cracking day. The weather was amazing. Guests were either sunning themselves outside during the drinks reception or sitting on the A/C vents inside the venue… The sun felt hot outside but everybody was quite cool inside. I always drink lots of water but must have had more than 8 pints on this day.

As soon as everybody was sat down, Pickled Walnut brought out the lovely food. Guests were ready to party. The bride & groom’s list of favourite songs went down very well. I seem to have developed a “penchant” for finishing off my set with a hands-in-the-air sing along of Hey Jude. The guests certainly seemed to like it and they definitely knew the words!

So, Mr & Mrs Walsh have begun their married life together. Congratulations once again and I wish you all the best! xx